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Lincoln, Grant Stanhopes

ABOVE:  This Sanhope monocular was manufactured by the Lizé Company which did not start producing Stanhopes until the 1870s.

ABOVE:  This Grant monocular was produced in the 1860s by Rene Dagron, the French photographer who was the first to combine a micro-photograph with a small cylindrical lens to create the device we today refer to as a Stanhope.  Stanhopes such as this one with a caption indicating that they were produced by Dagron & Co. are quite rare and highly prized by Stanhope collectors.

ABOVE: Pen / Pencil.  Grant memorial item.

ABOVE:  Monocular.

ABOVE:  Lead pig.

ABOVE:  Red monocular.   Images of:  Grant, Lincoln, Washington, Silas Stringham, Winfield Scott, Seward, Stanton, Blair, Hamlin, Bates, Caleb Smith, Welles, Chase,  Ward, Tunis Craven, Robert Anderson, Edward Ringold (who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in July 1863), Andrew Hull Foote, Kidder Breese, Blain, and Hiram Paulding. Stanhopes such as this one with a caption indicating that they were produced by Dagron & Co. are quite rare and highly prized by Stanhope collectors.

Click on the microphoto images to get a closer look!
ABOVE:  Monocular.  Ulysses S. Grant and his 1868 running mate, Schuyler Colfax, surrounded by images of all the previous presidents.  Most likely either a campaign or an inauguration item, this Stanhope was probably manufactured between the time of the Republican convention in Chicago in May of 1868 and the presidential inauguration in March of 1869.


ABOVE:  Here is a photo of the same image from the same monocular (as the one above it), but in this case the magnification is not as great, so that now you can see how the image looks adhered to the tip of the Stanhope lens.

ABOVE:  Black monocular. “How the Men of the South ‘Put Their Heads Together’”  Portraits of 16 Confederate leaders including Davis, Stephens, Lee, Wise, Slidell, Jackson, Mason, Floyd, Magruder, Price, Johnson, A.S. Johnston, Hardee, McCulloch, Beauregard, and Hollins

ABOVE:  Monocular with caption that reads:  “I SHALL FIGHT IT OUT ON THIS LINE IF IT TAKES ME ALL SUMMER.”  Grant wrote these words in a dispatch on May 11, 1864 during the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House in Virginia.

 ABOVE:  Monocular.  All the presidents up through Grant.

ABOVE:  Monocular.  Ok, so he's not Grant or Lincoln, but it's a very rare piece from the same time period and the person who sold it to me thought it  was Grant.

ABOVE:  Lincoln memorial monocular.  The scene is an artist’s fantasy composite painting, created from photographs of the Lincoln family or family members, and probably printed and circulated as a carte-de-visite.  It was not unusual for Stanhope manufacturers to use microphotographs of cartes-de-visite for the images.

ABOVE:  This monocular is an advertising item for a men’s clothing company with the following handwritten inscription beneath Grant’s photo:  Fisk Clark & Flagg  Importers of Gent’s Furnishing Goods  58 White Street, New York”

 ABOVE:  Monocular.

ABOVE:  Lead pig.

ABOVE:  Wooden monocular.  All the presidents up through Grant.

ABOVE:  Pen.  Les Defenseurs De L'Union Americaine.  Composite image of 42 Union political and military leaders, all identified in the key below the image.   Among them are Lincoln, Winfield Scott, John Fremont, Sherman and Grant.
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